A group of (mostly) Kansans heads to Philly

Group of NA Members headed to Philly

My name is Jeffry. I am spending the next six days with a group of Addicts on an adventure to attend the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) World Convention in Philadelphia, PA. We call ourselves Addicts on Air. I will attempt to chronicle our journey on this site.

There are eleven of us. Our journey begins the night before our flight on Monday, August 26th near the airport in Kansas City, Missouri. The group is diverse just like our Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous.

One of our members drove 600 miles to meet in Kansas City. Most everyone is from Kansas except one Nebraska transplant and we try not to hold that against him.

We had a 6:30am flight on Tuesday, August 27th. Most of the group opted to stay at a hotel near the Kansas City Airport.

Most of the group has attended the NA World Convention before. However, this is my first World Conference and I am very excited.

Pretty typical dinner conversation. There was some discussion about the plans for the trip. Room sharing arrangements and the like… There was also some emphasis on Muffins as the restaurant we shared a meal offered free muffins.

One notable quote from the evening, “The NA World Convention is not for (I will paraphrase) the faint of heart.”


3 comments on “A group of (mostly) Kansans heads to Philly

  1. Al Burrill says:

    I lived in KC area many years ago. If there’s any long timers in the group (25 yrs or more), you might remember “Milwaukee Al.” They called me “Milwaukee Al” because there was another guy in the group named Al and they wanted to differentiate, I guess. Went to meetings at CAG and DOA mostly. Love and hugs, “Milwaukee Al.”

  2. Carla Davis says:

    So Jeffry – glad to hear you are no longer a virgin. LOL

  3. Jeffry L. says:

    Thanks Carla! I am glad you are glad… i think…

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