Meetings Begin…

I feel like a young boy in the 1920s visiting the city for the first time. The sense of wonder and awe as I enter my first speaker meeting at the Narcotics Anonymous World Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

People exiting the convention center after speaker meeting

I was blown away as I saw the size of the room and then I noticed the sheer numbers in the room. There had to be over a thousand people in attendance. To think, this was the Pre-conference meeting the evening before the official start day of the meeting.

The speaker was Yolanda from Aruba. She talked about how she started meetings in Aruba. I could tell she worked very hard to get NA in her island/city. I was humbled by the fact I found a meeting in my hometown that had five Noon meetings a week. Anyhow, she had an inspiring story and I really enjoyed it.

Directly after the speaker meeting, the Marathon meeting began. I would estimate there was over 200 addicts at this meeting. There was a ton of enthusiasm in the sharing that I heard. The message was almost exclusively speaking to the solution. I was so taken by these meetings, I stayed for two and a half hours. I met a guy from New Jersey. Ex-cop that found his way to the program. I also met a woman from Philly. Lots of personality. Frankly, what you would expect from a large city like Philly.

I took down a couple quotes that grabbed my attention. Yes, i got a few looks because I was typing quotes on my phone so I wouldn’t forget. I think members thought I was texting. Ohh well, cannot control others no matter how hard I try.


“I found NA and I was rescued from myself.”

“I thought I was cool, but I was playing a mirror’s game. I was really functioning over here, but I was using a mirror to think I was actually over there.”

“Thoughts are not real and emotions don’t last.”

Okay, off to the first official start day of the 35th World Conference of Narcotics Anonymous!

-Jeffry L.
Lawrence, KS


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