Thursday (Day 1) – WCNA 35

I realize this blog has become about my personal journey at the Narcotics Anonymous World Convention in Philadelphia, PA. Fitting because the tag line for this year’s even is The Journey Continues…

It makes sense these articles are focused on myself. Obviously, I am going to have my perspective on the conference. I arrived here with ten others and we do see each other often, but the scope of this event is absolutely huge and we simply go our separate ways. Most of the time, not even meaning too.

Anyhow, first thing this morning was about Merchandise. I arrived late and the line was long, but I started talking to the group members and just followed them in. Probably not the most spiritual but I am sure I have done much worse.  The selection was huge. My focus was on T-Shirts and I found a few that I liked. I even bought a t-shirt for my sponsor Dave O. from Overland Park, KS.

WCNA 35 T-shirt design 1      WCNA T-shirt design 3   WCNA 35 T-shirt design 2

My friend John S. from Baldwin, KS asked me to get him a lapel pin. John is awesome and this is my gift to him.

Merchandise WCNA 35

At 11:30, I attended a workshop with two AMAZING speakers. The workshop was titled “Growing Pains” and featured Rick H, from Connecticut and Vickery H, from Maryland. The workshop was held in the Philadelphia Convention Center in Room 201.

Here are some quotes from these two:

“My needs are fine… I can handle those. It’s my wants that get me into trouble.”

“Concerning Emotions; The only way to grow ourselves is to plow through them.”

“Empathy is not a behavior it is a lifestyle.”

“Acceptance is not an event. It is a process that goes on and on…”

“Misery is an option.”

Here is a pic of them setting up the room:


More to come…

-Jeffry L.
Lawrence, KS


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